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Let’s face it, everyone loves working from home, rather than commuting to and from the office. Even if you have a short commute, there is nothing like getting a few extra minutes in bed!
But there are a few little drawbacks, not many, but a few. Do you find yourself sitting on the sofa surrounded by papers, laptop, and diary? And where did that mouse go? Oh look it’s in-between the cushions – again!
Sometimes when working from home you need to focus and feel comfortable and organised at the same time. This is where it becomes comes apparent that a small investment in home office space works to a big advantage.
Whether you want to maximise space in a small office or dress up your desk, we’ve got plenty of office ideas to offer.
Even if you are someone that is ultra-portable, there comes a time when you simply need a bit of space to be productive.
Shop our stylish office furniture and create a comfortable office space that you can call your own.
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